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Remember I blogged yesterday about the One Day Deal on Ebay 4TB Seagate Hard Drive on Ebay for $140 ?  I actually received it TODAY!  The seller was and shipped my hard drive from Jonestown, PA (Past Dorney Park) and was shipped via FedEx.  I had received my tracking number yesterday but didn’t bother to check it.  When I checked it this morning, it said “delivered” and right away I thought there must be a mistake.  Checked out side, and there it was!!  Only waited 23 hours after I ordered it AND I selected free shipping that was due to be shipped in 4 business days!

4tb Seagate Externa Hard Drive via

4TBSeagate Drive via Photo


Seagate 4TB via Photo
I’m completely SHOCKED that I received within 23 hours!  I will definitely consider buying from in the future!  So far, the hard drive is working great and I’ve been working all day on backing up my Photography files.  Super happy 😀

<3 <3


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8 responses to “ is Awesome”

  1. Rebecca Anne says:

    That is awesome! Love when things like that happen!!

  2. Holy crap-ola that’s some serious top-shelf service. May have to slide over and check out these Buy-guys. Thanks for the post!

  3. Nikki Closser says:

    Sweet! I love when customer service is amazing!

  4. Amanda says:

    Aren’t those kind of surprises awesome!!! : )

  5. Love it when that happens!

  6. BAM! We, being Transportation Specialists ourselves, love a happy customer. No, we don’t drive for FedEx..

  7. Ann says:

    Gotta love speedy service!!!
    I was literally talking about getting a new external drive pretty soon too!

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